December 26, 2007

Beef Ribeye Steaks

Product: Beef Ribeye Steaks
Manufacturer: Kirkland Signatures
Price: ~$8.99/lb.

I love steak. I love grilling. At heart, I'm a charcoal guy, but for year-round grilling convenience, I use the Weber Q that my wife bought for me last Christmas. And as an annual tradition for my family, we had some nice Christmas steak for our holiday dinner.

If you've never bought steak meat at Costco before, I highly recommend it. It can be intimidating, I know. I mean, there's so...much...meat... But if you're cooking for a crowd, or want to freeze some for later, Costco is the way to go. What's so great about buying meat from Costco is not just the selection, or the amount of meat, but the quality as well.

Costco primarily serves up USDA Choice beef. Along the USDA rating scale, only "prime" rated beef is better. Sure, USDA Choice can be found in most supermarkets as well, but, trust me, there's a world of difference in taste and quality between Costco's and supermarket's USDA Choice offerings. First of all, Costco's meat looks fresh. The kind you find at supermarkets aren't as thick, and they have that unnatural "pink" color, most likely produced by pumping the meat with carbon monoxide. Again, trust me in that if you want good steak for grilling, go with Costco. The marbling and flavor are so much better...

So for my holiday steak dinner, I decided to purchase a four-steak pack. Learning from previous dinners, I knew not everyone can finish a whole steak so I opted to cut the steaks in half. My family would then be able to enjoy their dinner without meat overload...which I personally don't have a problem with. With the original size of the steaks as they are, no one would have complained with half cuts.

When I prepare my steaks, I like to use a dry rub. I don't bother with fancy marinades or beer soaks. Just some kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper, maybe some other seasonings, minced garlic, and olive oil. That's it. The trick to good steak is how you grill it anyways. I would have also included pictures of how they turned out (they turned out fabulous, by the way) but we ate them too fast. Heh.


  1. mm... steak. i love your site! keep up the good work.

  2. if i may, i'd like to recommend the kirkland signature steak rub, which is also sold at costco. it's sea salt, black & red pepper, dill seed, coriander and dehydrated garlic and paprika.

  3. Where does costco get their beef from?

  4. I am not too crazy about the Costco meat, it tastes like liver when you cook it, I have tried their roast cuts, their fillet, if you slightly cook it over medium rare it becomes dense and tastes more like liver. I was wondering if anyone had similar experience.

  5. Liver, YUM!!! Could eat it three times a week.

  6. I love Costco meat. I buy their ribeye's and tri-tip, label and freeze it so I have it year round. The prices are outstanding. I also highly recommend their foster farms chicken breasts. They come in individual 2 breast packages and the breasts are really large. I freeze the whole lot of them, then tear off what I need and thaw. Their frozen shrimp prices are pretty great too.

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